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Created for dancing and life, Maison Hoffalt clothes are available on Ambassade Excellence.
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Imagine two young, wide shouldered brothers, imagine that the oldest one, Josua, is leading dancer at the Paris Opera, and the younger one, Lucas, is a designer. Now consider that when they were children, their mother, a talented self-taught dress-maker, designed and made all their clothes. And then take a look at what they are doing together now, making things that we put on according to the context and the climate: clothes, rather than fashion. These are the tangible extensions of a leading dancer’s work.

Because it’s all about objects that have indeed been conceived to be worn, which is appreciable, but also to leap, to evolve in space and to do so without hindrance, gracefully. Because these clothes – drawn by the dancer and the designer, then fitted by their mother – are technically irreproachable. This primordial quality also extends to the materials thet are made of: polyamide, polyester, viscose, pinched elastane, combed cotton and modal, a textile fibre that is delicate enough to remain supple even after being washed several times. Quilted, machine-stitched or brushed, so that our presence in this or another world may produce beauty and pleasure.

And so, as the late David Robert Jones would say so well, Let’s dance!